Member Stories

Member Stories

Hear it from our members.

Getting feedback from our members is the only way to gauge if we’re doing what we set out to do 85 years ago — provide members with better value and outstanding service.

To celebrate International Credit Union Day last October, we ran a month-long sweepstakes in which we asked our member-owners the difference between a bank and a credit union, and what they enjoy about banking with Schools Financial. We received a record 933 responses! Four members were awarded with $500 each, and we chose an additional five more to each receive $100.

Here’s what they had to say.


Tell Us the Difference $500 winners

michael ray

Michael Ray
Member since 2013

"The Schools Financial team was just amazing to work with when I refinanced my home!"

meg kegle headshot

Margaret Kegle
Member since 2015

"Thank you for restoring my faith in financial institutions."

katherine shelton headshot

Katherine Shelton
Member since 2009

"The CO-OP Network ATMs alone save me hundreds per year."

Additional $100 winners

liz johnson headshot

Elizabeth Johnson
Member since 2003

"Schools Financial offers all the products and services that the "big banks" do, without all the fees."

lindsay campos

Lindsay Campos
Member since 2008

"I will never bank anywhere else!"


Elaine Mattei - Member since 1997

"Schools Financial has ALWAYS made sure that we came first."


Rob Barbot - Member since 2008

"We have every reason to trust Schools Financial Credit Union based on their history with our family."


Bill Wharton - Member since 1977

"There is a higher level of trust at the Credit Union."


Don Beireis - Member since 2012

"Schools Financial maintains the absolute best customer service experience whether in the branch, over the phone or online!"


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