Roth IRA

It’s never too soon to plan for retirement, so Schools offers several Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) to help you save. The Roth IRA is a nondeductible IRA, but your earnings grow tax free in most cases, and qualified distributions are tax and penalty free. Please consult a tax advisor for more information regarding tax benefits.

You can choose to open a savings IRA with a variable rate, or you can lock in a Premium Rate Certificate for a variety of terms. Schools does not assess fees or handling charges to maintain your IRA accounts, so you’ll enjoy even higher returns on your investments.

For more information on the Schools Personalized IRA PlusSM programs, email our IRA Specialist or contact the Call Center at 916-569-5400 (Sacramento area) or 800-962-0990. You may also attend our FREE IRA Seminars.

IRA Share Rates

IRA Certificate Rates