General Info

The Account Summary page is your homepage when you sign in to SchoolsOnline for the first time. This is where you will see the latest information and balances on your Schools accounts. You can rename your accounts here, or choose to only view the ones you need. It’s all up to you.



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Do I see all of my accounts in the Account Summary?
Yes, by default, SchoolsOnline shows all open accounts (e.g., Banking for Everyone CheckingSM and Savings, mortgage, credit card, etc.) you have with us per username or account number.

What if I only want to see a select few accounts?
There is an edit menu to the left of every listed account that allows you to set that account as a Favorite. Select a few accounts to be Favorites, click on Options near the top of the Account Summary and a dropdown will appear. Select Show only favorite Accounts. The Account Summary will now only show those accounts you selected as Favorites.

Can I rename my accounts?
You can give your accounts a nickname. Say you’d like to refer to your savings account as your “Vacation Fund.” Click Edit near Options and enter “Vacation Fund” as the nickname of that Account. The change will be reflected in our system but it won’t negatively affect your accounts in any way.

How do I add an asset or a liability?
Assets and Liabilities are not currently shown on the Account Summary page but you can add them by clicking Options, then selecting Show Assets and Liabilities.

What if I have a question about one of my accounts?
There is an envelope icon next to each account listed in the Account Summary. Click it and it opens a message prepopulated with details on the account about which you have questions. Enter any additional information you’d like to add, and then click Send.