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There are many great features in SchoolsOnline. Details on those features can be found by clicking on any of the buttons seen here. Below is a brief video walking you through the major areas of interest of SchoolsOnline, followed by answers to some frequently asked questions:



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Every time I sign in I select “Remember Computer.” Why am I still answering security questions?
Check your browser’s history settings. If your computer is set to delete your browsing history it will not remember your computer. Below are steps to fix the issue on a few popular browsers.

For Windows users, if Internet Explorer is your browser, go to Internet Options and uncheck "Delete browsing history on exit." If you use Firefox, select Tools, then Privacy, then choose "Remember history" in the "Firefox will" section and click OK.

For Mac users, if Safari is your browser, select Preferences, then General, then choose Manually in the "Remember history" area. If Firefox is your browser, select Preferences, then Privacy, then choose “Remember history” in the History area.

What happens when I forget my password?
On the Sign In page, click “Forgot Password?” You will be asked to enter your account number, social security number, birthday and username. A six-digit passcode will be sent to the primary account holder’s email address. Enter the passcode in the box provided. The passcode will expire ten minutes from the time of issue.