New Vehicle Loans

A new vehicle is defined as a current or previous model year with less than 10,000 miles. Financing for new vehicles is available for up to 125% of MSRP plus GAP waiver ($900 max) and cancellable products.1 Amount financed is based on creditworthiness. GAP is not required.

Term 80% High Blue Book Rate 100% High Blue Book Rate
0-48 months As low as 2.49% APR2 As low as 2.49% APR
49-66 months As low as 2.59% APR As low as 2.59% APR
67-84 months
As low as 2.99% APR As low as 2.99% APR

Effective 4/1/14

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1 Cancellable products would include warranty and/or pre-paid maintenance, up to $2,500 or 10% MSRP whichever is greater.
2 APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Your interest rate will be determined by the amount financed, loan term and your credit history.

Representative Example: A $15,000, 48-month loan at 2.49% APR and 100% financing, would require 47 payments of $328.63 with one final payment of $328.34.