New SchoolsOnlineSM

Take a sneak peek at our NEW online banking solution.

Soon we will introduce a new SchoolsOnlineSM designed with you in mind. It will include intuitive banking functions and the ability to see a consolidated account view.

  • You will now have the ability to view your consolidated accounts on one screen.
  • Have convenient access to all of your finances.
  • Customize your experience and prioritize what is important.


To learn more, check out the above FAQ and Conversion tabs.

Computer screen with account information

Learn More About the New SchoolsOnline

Getting Started

Q: Will my username(s) and password(s) carry over?

A: Yes. Usernames and passwords will carry over to the new system. However, if you have multiple accounts, usernames and passwords, you will need to pick one username and password you want to keep when presented with a selection screen, during registration.

Q: How do I gain access to my account if I get locked out?

A: The system will lock you out as a security measure after 3 failed sign in attempts.The system will require you to wait 3 minutes before trying to sign in again.

If you are still experiencing issues and/or cannot remember your username or password, you can reset one or both on the main sign in page by choosing I forgot my username or I forgot my password.

Q: Why is the new system asking me to choose a new security image?

A: The previous security images will not be transferred over to the new SchoolsOnline. You will need to choose a new security image, a required phrase and security questions.

Q: How will I sign in to online banking after the upgrade?

A: The first time you sign in to the upgraded SchoolsOnline, you will be asked to complete these steps:

  1. Enter Username
  2. Enter Password
  3. Set a new security phrase
  4. Select and answer security questions
  5. Verify email address

Q: Who do I contact if I have questions or issues signing in for the first time?

A: Call our Member Contact Center Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. or Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at:

  • 916-569-5400 (Sacramento area)
  • 800-962-0990


Accounts and Consolidated View

Computer with account overview screen

Q: What accounts are available for me to view?

A: Members can only view and take action on accounts that are tied to their Social Security Number.

Q: Will my online information look different when I sign in for the first time?

A: Yes, the new SchoolsOnline is a more intuitive, modern and member-focused system. The consolidated account view allows you to see all of your accounts on one screen, with the ability to customize views and more.

Q: Can I assign nicknames to my accounts?

A: Yes, you can assign nicknames to your accounts in the new system. If you've already assigned a nicknames to your accounts, they will carry over.

Q: How will joint owners access account information online? What happens if I'm told 'Current member has already enrolled in online banking. Please sign in using the credentials you set up during enrollment.'?

A: Many of our primary members share the same Username and Password with their joint owners. In the new system, if the primary is the first to sign in to the new platform, the joint owner(s) will be prompted to enroll in online banking so they can select their own Username and Password, and also select their own security image and security questions/answers.

Having separate sign-ins for joint owners ensures that they will only see the accounts on which they are associated.

IMPORTANT: In the new system, if you share your Username and Password with a joint owner, it will be possible for them to see an account on which they are not joint.

Q: How will I sign in to my Mobile Banking app after the upgrade?

A: Once you sign in to the new SchoolsOnline, you will use the same credentials to sign into mobile banking. Until then, use the credentials you use today.

Q: If I have multiple accounts, how will the mobile banking app consolidate them?

A: When you sign in to your accounts in the mobile app, use your selected credentials. An account selector screen will appear, allowing you to easily switch between accounts without signing in again.

Q: What account history will be available online?

A: You will see all accounts your Social Security Number is associated with.


Accounts Without a Consolidated View

Q: Which accounts will not have a consolidated view?

A: Trust accounts, business accounts and other special fiduciary accounts will not have a consolidated view. You will continue to sign in to these accounts just as you did preconversion.



Computer with eAlerts setup screen

Q: Will alerts that I have set in the old system transfer to the new system?

A: Most alerts will transfer to the new system.

Q: How can I stay informed of account sign ins, password changes, deposits, transactions and balances on my account?

A: Stay informed with Alerts. Set up custom and preset Alerts all from one page within the Messages & Alerts tab, Manage Alerts.

Q: If I receive Alerts via email, will I also receive them in my SchoolsOnline messages?

A: Yes, if you receive an email regarding an Alert on your account, you will also receive a copy of the notification in messages in SchoolsOnline.

Q: Are Alerts easier to use than in previous system?

A: Alerts are now more streamlined and can easily be set up all from one screen.



Computer with eStatements screen


Q: How do I enroll in FREE eStatements?

A: Enroll in FREE eStatements by selecting the Settings menu option in the left navigation and then selecting the Additional Services option. On the Additional Services page, the eStatement section will appear for your eligible accounts. Switch the toggle to on to enable FREE eStatements.

Click the Save Changes button.

Computer with eStatements enroll screen


Q: Will eStatements and tax notices be available in the new platform?

A: Yes. All of your eStatements and tax notices will be available in the new SchoolsOnline as they were in the old system. You will now also be able to access your Schools Visa® Credit Card statements from the Statements and Info menu.



Computer with Transfers screen

Q: If I have set up automated transfers or payments from one of my accounts to another in the old system, will I have to set them up again?

A: You will not have to setup automated transfers and payments again. They will all transfer over.


Quick Access to Tools

Q: How can I customize my sign in and profile settings?

A: You can customize your sign in and profile settings under the Settings menu option in the left navigation. Under Settings you will see sub menu options, Sign in Settings and My Profile, where you can make the needed changes.

Q: What has changed in the new SchoolsOnline that will allow me to manage my money more efficiently?

A: The new intuitive navigation provides quick access to account information, transfers and payments, statements and more.

Within each account view, you can complete account actions all from one screen.

Q: How do I track my spending?

A: There are graphs within the account overview to help you manage and track your spending.



Computer with BillPay screen

Q: How will BillPay change?

A: BillPay will remain the same, and will operate the same as it did in the previous banking system.

Q: Will I need to set up my payments and payees again?

A: No. You will not need to set them up again.

Q: How will BillPay work if I am primary on one checking account and joint on another?

A: Only primary members are eligible to enroll in BillPay. If a primary member has multiple checking accounts with BillPay, an account selector will display for the user to select which BillPay account to access. Joint members do not have access to BillPay at this time. Joint members can be added to a primary member's BillPay account by contacting the Credit Union, but this will only allow a joint telephone inquiry access to BillPay.

Q: If I use the transfer money feature to move money from my Schools Financial account to another financial institution account, will I have to set the other bank account up again or will it be automatically updated in the new system?

A: Your transfers will automatically populate in the new SchoolsOnline.

Q: Will the way I access Popmoney® change? Will I need to set it up again or will all the information transfer automatically?

A: There are no changes to accessing or using Popmoney. Popmoney is tied to your BillPay account and there are no changes to BillPay with this conversion.


Credit Card Accounts

Q: How will I access my Schools Visa® Credit Card transactions?

A: There are no changes to how this is accessed. You'll continue to access your credit card transactions in the same way you did in the previous system.